How To: Uninstall Eclipse Plugin

by Venu on September 18, 2009

In the latest Eclipse i.e Eclipse 3.5 a.k.a Galileo, the plugin management module has been updated and so is the way one can uninstall a plugin.

To uninstall a plugin

  1. Click on Help -> About Eclipse
  2. Click on Installation Details button
  3. Select the plugin which you wish to remove and click on Uninstall


How To: Access Subversion Repository in Eclipse

June 26, 2008

Subversion is an open source revision control system which aims to be a replacement for CVS. Many of the open source projects are on Subversion repository including Apache projects. Eclipse by default comes with a CVS client and if you need to Subversion client, this is what you need to do Download and Install the […]

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Getting started with Eclipse

July 27, 2007

Many companies have started adopting Eclipse as the default IDE for application development. In fact Eclipse has become so popular that the once popular Borland JBuilder and Weblogic Workshop have also been ported to use the Eclipse Platform.

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Plug-in Review : ResourceBundle Editor

July 14, 2007

An important facet of designing a program for use in different countries is the localization, or externalization, of text that is displayed by the program. By externalizing strings, the text can be translated for different countries and languages without rebuilding the Java program. The ResourceBundle Class in Java helps you to accomplish the above task. […]

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Europa – Better Packaging

July 8, 2007

One of the notable things in this years Eclipse Release (Europa) is the way the Eclipse packages are released. In previous releases each project(WTP,DTP) had to be separately downloaded and installed. For e.g. if you wanted a XML editor in Eclipse, you had to download and install the Web Tools Platform (WTP) package. With Europa […]

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Tip: Quickly Restart Eclipse

July 6, 2007

There are times when you need to restart Eclipse (other than the obvious reasons) If you are running the IDE for days together, the IDE does become sluggish. A quick look at the memory occupied by Eclipse also is an indication to restart Eclipse If you install new plugins when the IDE is active/open, the […]

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Eclipse Plugin Resources

July 6, 2007

Eclipse Plugins show the true power of Eclipse extensible architecture. You can add new functionality to the IDE by extending the extension points contributed by the base plugins. Here are some of the sites where you could search for Eclipse Plugins

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July 5, 2007

I have been wanting to host a dedicated site to write posts on Eclipse. Till now I was using another weblog to write content on Eclipse and related plugins. I have been trying to participate/contribute in the Orkut Eclipse forum, however its being filled with more spam and less of Eclipse these days. Its one […]

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